58 Lifestyle – Men’s Grooming

58 Lifestyle – Men’s Grooming

I awaited my parcel from 58 Lifestyle with eager anticipation and I was not disappointed when it arrived. First things first, as I am always travelling, I wanted to try out the scented travel set. I took this on my last trip to Paris, as I was moving around a bit and I needed my toiletries to be easily unpacked and repacked into my bag. The size of the items and the water-resistant, natural cotton bag, which is also part of the set, makes it ideal for travelling as all of the products fit nicely inside. 

All of the 9 items are under the hand luggage limit of 100ml so this set is perfect for a short weekend breaks if you do not have any hold luggage. This set offers a selection of top quality natural travel essentials for bath, hair, body and hand, the 2 home items that will help you feel like you are in your own home. It includes: 50ml hand cream, 50ml hand wash, 50ml body cream, 50ml body wash, 50ml shampoo, 50ml conditioner, 30ml bath salt, mini candle 30ml and 5ml mini room mist.

The body wash is a soothing gel made from aromatic plant oils and 100% nourishing natural ingredients. The body cream is also 100% natural and filled with plant extracts that work together to soothe, hydrate and nourish skin. After using both of these for the duration of my trip, my skin felt revitalised and refreshed which I definitely needed.
I used up all of the hand wash and hand cream so I was glad that I had the balancing hand care set waiting for me when I got home. The wash not only cleansed my hands but moisturised them as well, as did the cream. My hands felt soothed and softened as a result, which is amazing as they are made from 100% natural plant extracts.

When I arrived home, I lit the 500ml Candle that was included in my parcel whilst I unpacked. After a long trip, the Ecosoy candle provided the perfect relaxing scent. As with all of the other products. This candle is 100% natural and it is poured by using eco-friendly soy wax that is kinder to the environment, something I am very keen to promote myself.

My home smelt amazing and to keep it that way, I displayed the Reed diffuser. With its 100% natural blend of aromatic oils and plant extracts, it made me feel like my own home was a spa. It even aided a restful night’s sleep and helped me to wake up feeling ready for the day ahead. 

58 Lifestyle products are completely ethical and British made. Their consciously crafted blends are organic wherever possible, free from parabens, sulphates and harsh additives. It was a delight to use these products and I could not recommend them enough. I am excited to stock up on all of these, especially as they are promoting our care of the environment.