The Avanza Mystic Titan, Series 600

The Avanza Mystic Titan, Series 600

The Avanza Mystic Titan, Series 600 has so many great features it’s hard to know where to start. I’m a massive coffee lover so I was absolutely thrilled and couldn’t wait to go and try some amazing coffee. First impressions? Well the machine is stunning, truly aesthetically pleasing, but it also has some very impressive features. The black, silver and grey colours complement each other well, making the machine feel both high-end and stylish. It’s the first-ever electric pour over system too which makes fresh coffee, as if brewed by hand, while championing form, function and flavour. 

After a quick read of the instructions, being new to the machine, it was easy to fill the machine with everything it required to get it working, such as the water compartment which sits nicely on the side with easy access to refill. The beans go straight into the top of the machine after lifting the cap, but again such easy access and easy to refill. I was very impressed with the time it takes for the machine to provide you with a coffee. It rustles it up so fast, et voila, you’re provided with one of the most amazing coffees around. I have been working towards becoming an expert on using the hot milk dispenser as I can’t wait to invite friends and family round for coffee and showcase my new machine and skills. 

The Melitta Avanza has an impressive design and equally impressive features and the coffee taste sublime. The newly developed control panel makes it even easier to use, the grinder is especially quiet and the new Melitta Easy Cappuccinatore makes it simple to prepare latte macchiato or cappuccino. Thanks to the extra-large water tank and bean container you can easily serve delicious coffee to any visitors you might have. The ideal contact time between water and coffee allows the flavours to unfold even better, a difference you can taste with every cup. . It also has an impressive XL water tank of 1,5l and a XL bean container of 250, along with some other amazing key features such as double cup mode, anti-scratch, automatic cleaning and descaling program and five grinder settings, just to name a few. 

My overall experience of the machine has been amazing and I’m looking forward to inviting my friends and family to experience the The Avanza Mystic Titan, Series 600.