Founded in 2005, Everki is a global brand that produces travel and laptop bags which are designed to cater for the various needs of travellers and commuters. 

I was sent the Atlas wheeled laptop backpack, the Titan laptop trolley and the Onyx premium backpack. All of these bags have so much to offer, I do not know where to start. 

The Atlas wheeled laptop backpack is like a swiss army knife as it has a multitude of compartments on all sides. Inside there is a large main compartment with an adjustable laptop pocket that is removable. This can also be used for any items that you need if you are using the bag for travelling. 

If you do not need to take a laptop, you can remove the laptop pocket to create more space for clothes. There is also a felt-lined tablet pocket so you can be rest assured it will not get scratched by anything else you have packed, as well as a document pocket to keep them flat and secure. On the outside, there is a large front pocket with lots of different-sized compartments, including 4 slide-in compartments, 1 expanding zipped mesh compartment, 2 pen holders and a key loop. Plus, an RFID protected pocket for your passport and bank cards. 

There is an additional pocket on the main front pocket for even more storage and easy access. It has 2 large multifunctional side pockets, a top quick access phone pocket and a quick access magazine/paper slot, which you can also use for any travel documents you need to grab quickly. Both the telescopic pull handle and back straps are concealed by zipped compartments, keeping the bag looking sleek. 

The back straps are adjustable and padded for comfort and the chest strap helps with weight distribution. 

This bag is so versatile and suitable for any type of journey, as everything that you need can have its own little space so, with a little bit of organisation, you can make your journey seem less stress-free, all with one bag.

The Titan laptop trolley is one of the most organisable suitcases I have ever seen. It has a removable felt-lined adjustable laptop sleeve, which easily removes your device without disturbing the rest of your packing. There is also a felt-lined tablet pocket if you want to keep it separate from your laptop. Inside the main compartment, there is a file organiser, 2 mesh pouches and a headphone hanger. 

You also get a removable zipped accessories pouch that fits perfectly in the main compartment, which is ideal for all your device cables and chargers. On the outside, there is a large front pocket with lots of different-sized compartments: 4 slide-in compartments, 1 expanding zipped mesh compartment, 2 pen holders, a key loop, plus an RFID protected pocket for your passport and bank cards. On the front of this, there is a magnetic quick access pocket perfect for your travel documents. A hidden water bottle pocket is on the right-hand side, which keeps it away from all the important items and electrical products packed inside.

The Onyx backpack is like no other. The back compartment opens 180 degrees to reveal a felt-lined laptop sleeve and a felt-lined tablet sleeve. On the side, there is an RFID protected pocket that you can easily access without having to completely take the bag off, which is perfect for your bank cards and passport. There is also a hard shell and quick access sunglasses pocket on the top of the bag. 

The main compartment comprises of a quick access file divider with 2 pouch pockets and a zipped pocket in the front. It still has plenty of room for any other items that you may need to pack with you. On the outside, there is a small zipped pocket for small quick access items. On the front of the bag, there is a zipped pocket that has 2 pen holders, 2 expandable pouches and a key clip, as well as plenty of storage for other travel essentials. Also on the front, you will find a magazine and newspaper slot. There are 2 zipped side pockets, 1 of which is a water bottle holder. I really like the lumber pad on the back, which really helps you to carry the fully loaded bag and can double up as a trolley handle pass-through.

All three of the bags have a high contrast orange lining. The Everki website states that ‘we know how frustrating it is to mistakenly leave a compartment unzipped, and how difficult it is to organize against a black background’. I agree and I think the nice bright lining really helps to make items stand out and means they are quick and easy to find.

I was super impressed with all these items. Everki really does ensure that every little thing has its own secure place. Equipped with these bags, even the most disorganised person will find themselves travelling with ease and, most importantly, feeling a lot more relaxed.