Fairfax & Favor – Bag

The Oxburgh Travel Bag – Fairfax And Favor

Fairfax & Favor is an English company that was established by friends back in 2013. If you haven’t heard of them before, where have you been! Take a look on their website where you will find a large range of high quality leather boots, shoes and accessories. They pride themselves on their craftsmanship, innovation, commitment and describes their journey to success as being epic! 

Looking at The Oxburgh Canvas & Leather Travel Bag they have sent me, it’s clear that they really do take pride in their craftsmanship and design. This bag is 100% real leather. The combination of the exterior and the dark brown leather oozes class and sophistication. Conveniently, it has two short handles and a detachable comfort shoulder strap giving it a versatility that makes travelling with this bag very easy. The zipped side pocket is very handy for also storing any travel documents or valuables you may need to grab quickly. 

The travel bag is the perfect size and will definitely add some sophistication to your trips away. In fact, it is just what I need for my Autumn 2019 looks. I will be sure to take it on all my future trips!