Hawkins and Brimble

Hawkins and Brimble

I have not previously used Hawkins and Brimble products so this was a real treat. I came across these fabulous products when I was looking for natural products that were made in the UK, didn’t smell of mint and were made with natural ingredients. The brand was created in 2016 by Stephen Shortt, a man like myself who was looking for more natural products with a delicate fragrance, mild enough to use everyday.

It was then he joined forces with a top barber and created the brand. The trademark red and white packaging is very typically british, it reminded me of the St Georges flag.

Now to the products themselves, this little lot I received is predominantly for the beard. I started with the Elemi and Ginseng face wash, it smelt amazing but without being too over powering, it lathered up lovely and I could feel the aloe really conditioning my skin, leaving it feeling not only really clean, but so soft too. 

I started the beard regime with the beard shampoo, now this doesn’t just clean the beard, although it does do a fabulous job of doing that, it also contains provitamin B5 and ginger extract to really moisturize my beard deep down, I have to say it felt ( and smelt) amazing afterwards.

Now I don’t usually use a beard balm and beard oil at the same time as I feel they do pretty much the same job. I do prefer a balm personally as it doesn’t leave any oily residue as Oils often can. Having said that this balm is very oily, It left my beard feeling smooth, tamed and when used with a comb really looked like I had just stepped out of the barbers! 

The Oil had a great pipette to ensure you didnt get more than needed come flying out ( I often end up covered in oil when it’s just a normal bottle – I think you all know what im saying!) So this was a great selling point for me already, the oil smelt lovely, went on well and I was able to use it all over my face without looking greasy! A winner from me! 

Thank you again to Hawkins and Brimble