Seven Potions

Seven Potions

Seven Potions started in 2014, after testing hundreds of different formulations. They teamed up with suppliers who were also interested in the same end goal; to deliver high quality, high performance products to the modern gentlemen, that not only smelt amazing but do a swell job too! As a result, every hair styling product, every beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo and pre-shave oil has been thoroughly tested, and produced under strict safety and quality control.

Seven Potions pride themselves on using pure and all-natural ingredients which, in their own words, have “superior performance.” They ensure that each ingredient is curated by quality suppliers that meet their high standards, in order to deliver the ultimate grooming experience.

So, as you can imagine, I was excited to receive some of these products to try out. I was sent the Woodland Harmony Beard Shampoo and the Hair Styling Pomade. The Woodland Harmony Beard Shampoo didn’t disappoint. Washing my beard is not something that I had previously considered, of course I would give it a wash with normal shampoo in the shower but never did I think that an actual beard shampoo would make such a difference. My beard felt soft and nourished almost instantly, and not only that it smelt incredible. It also felt tamer and looked smarter. Packed full of cedar wood, sandalwood and four essential oils, this product ensures that all the elements of the day are washed away while keeping that masculine fragrance we all love. Beard shampooing has now firmly been added to my grooming regime.

The Hair Styling Pomade was also a great product; it suited my hair length and style and was easy to apply and mould until my hair looked perfect. What I liked about it was that you can keep adding little amounts to increase the hold, meaning that I could adapt it to my desired style. As we know, I do like products that are cruelty free and vegan and this is certainly one of those. It was easy to wash out and it didn’t leave a residue in my hair like some products I have previously used have done. It isn’t overly scented but still had a slightly masculine fragrance that, along with the strong hold, left me leaving the house feeling confident.

I would definitely recommend these products. They produce a range of hair and beard products and not to forget shaving products too.They are affordable and the quality is second to none, perfect as a treat for yourself or as a gift for a special man in your life.