The House of Cavani

The House of Cavani

When my package from The House of Cavani came I was so excited, I have wanted to work with this brand for a while now and to get the chance to wear some of their amazing creations is such a great opportunity.

The idea behind Cavani came in 2010 during a holiday to Florence, one of the most fashion forward locations in the world.

The focus of the brand was to transport the Italian style back home to the UK. With the high quality and chic style that characterizes italian fashion The House of Cavani was created.
All pieces are designed in house from a team of experts who have many years of experience in the fashion industry.

When you buy something from Cavani you will immediately notice the high quality materials, attention to detail, and beautiful colors. This brand has a unique sense of style when it comes to colours.

I am so pleased with my fabulous suits and shoes, I loved wearing them during a recent shoot at the O2 Intercontinental and I can’t wait to wear them again.