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Brighton Implant Clinic

In my never-ending quest for self-improvement, I recently went for some cosmetic procedures at the Brighton Implant Clinic, a nicely-presented establishment that was set up by local dentist Dr Bruno Silva back in 2009. The clinic, located in Hove, has always caught my eye whenever I’ve wandered past. Everyone always seemed to have something positive to say about it, so I was glad to finally give it a go. Was I impressed by the results? Absolutely!

A few years ago, I was looking in the bathroom mirror, staring at my teeth, wondering why they didn’t look as pearly white as I wanted. My lifestyle wasn’t that bad but my teeth seemed to tell a different story. They were slightly wonky and looked yellowy-brown in some places — not what I wanted. So visiting the Brighton Implant Clinic was something of a no-brainer, and I went on the website and checked whether they offered anything that might benefit me. To my surprise, there were options available, even for people well past their teenage years!

Invisalign appealed to me as a tooth straightening treatment. Instead of fixing brackets and wires to your teeth with glue for upwards of a year, this system uses a series of removable transparent retainers. These slowly move your dentition into the desired position over the course of 12 months, sometimes a little less if you’re good! It’s not a quick fix by any means, but you can take them out when situations call for it – job interviews, drinks with pals, and so on.

Brighton Implant’s teeth whitening also appealed to me. The clinic told me that they could get rid of the discolouration that typically shows as you enter adult life, between the ages of 20 and 30, and return their original appearance.

Walking into the dental suite itself felt great because of the quality of the establishment. It’s a stylish setting, and the chair had about thirty points of inflection to keep me comfortable. As you might expect, Dr Pranos ran through all the usual information dentists give patients before carrying out any procedure. He told me how long Invisalign would take, and the kind of results I could expect from tooth whitening. He also let me know how much it was going to cost. Treatments like this cost money, but the results were so worth it. Now, when I smile in the mirror, I feel like I’ve stepped back in time. Not only is all the staining gone, but so too is the annoying crookedness.

What was unique about the clinic is how they proceeded with my treatment plan, despite COVID. It’s clear that the whole team, including Dr Pranos, are committed to giving people the smiles they want. These cosmetic procedures are not about vanity for most people. It totally changes how you feel. Once you’ve had one of the clinic’s mouth makeovers, you come out with a different sense of who you are. It shifts your identity but in a good way. Thank you, Brighton Implant Clinic.

To find out more about Brighton Implant Clinic click here: https://www.brightonimplantclinic.co.uk