Double Two

Double Two

Established in 1940 by Isaak Donner and Frank Myers, Double Two is a British fashion heritage brand that is rooted in a rich history. Under the name the Wakefield Shirt Company, Double Two first operated in a small corner room on the fourth floor of a building in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, producing quality men’s shirts. In the midst of the war, however, cotton supplies were scarce, and viscose rayon materials were the only materials available. Therefore, the company decided to use these materials to make blouses for women who were performing manufacturing tasks in Britain previously carried out by men.

Soon after the war in 1946, the company’s hard work and dedication had paid off, enabling the company to take over the entire building and transform it into a shirt manufacturing facility, becoming a key player in the men’s shirt market. Double Two has consistently transformed the industry since then, with countless breakthrough advancements ranging from collaborating with Dr Winfield to create the first man-made fibre shirt, to introducing the world’s first blends of natural and man-made fibres.

Their most well-known contribution to the industry was undoubtedly the patented shirts, which were built in such a way that the collars could be conveniently removed by pulling on a tab sewn into the collar attaching seam. In addition to the shirt’s original collar, a replacement collar was included and could easily be sewn in place. Due to their innovative design and popularity, Double Two shirts became the company’s trademark, and thus the company became known by this name.

Considering Double Two’s rich history, continual innovation, and rich designs, I was delighted when they approached me and asked me to sample some of their shirts. I was kindly sent the Slim Fit Pink Gingham Twill Check Formal Shirt and the Slim Fit Navy Tramline Check Formal Shirt.

The Slim Fit Navy Tramline Check Formal Shirt is truly a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. Looking closely at the fabric, you’ll see two parallel lines running horizontally and vertically across the shirt, looking like train tracks, which is how the shirt gets its name. The clean white and navy lines complement each other perfectly, making the simple yet stylish design timeless and easy to style in a variety of ways. The shirt not only has all of the standard features of a Double Two Shirt, such as a classic collar and darted back to help keep its shape but it’s also made of 100% cotton, which provides both comfort and luxury.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to add a little excitement and flair to your wardrobe, the Slim Fit Pink Gingham Twill Check Formal Shirt is an excellent alternative and a great twist on the classic designs. Unlike classic gingham, which has one white and one bright colour in a check or plaid pattern, this shirt has a twill aspect that creates a parallel diagonal effect on the fabric, giving it a more woven appearance. The vibrant pink of this shirt really pops against the white,  ensuring that you stand out amongst the crowd. It is also made of 100% cotton and is extremely soft to touch, making it ideal for everyday wear. It also has the standard Double Two shirt features, such as a classic collar and twin pleat on the back for comfort and practicality.

I received both shirts in the 16″ collar size, which fit perfectly. Both shirts were also slim fitting, which were not only comfortable but also ideal for those looking for a clean, tailored look that complements their body.

When it comes to finding a new shirt to elevate your wardrobe, I believe Double Two’s timeless designs, combined with fantastic quality and affordable price points, are unrivalled.

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