Everki Onyx laptop backpack

Embrace your inner nomad with the Everki Onyx laptop backpack

I simply adore Everki products, not only because they’re extremely user-friendly and versatile but I also feel they have something a little different about them. 

The Onyx backpack is worth raving about because it really stands out from the crowd. The back compartment opens 180 degrees to show a felt-lined laptop and tablet sleeve and, on the side, you’ll find an RFID protected pocket that you can access so easily without having to remove the bag altogether. For travellers, or even those using the bag for the everyday, this is the perfect solution for items such as your bank cards, or passport. There is also a hard shell and quick access sunglasses pocket on the top of the bag. 

To dig a little deeper, you’ll find the main compartment comprises a quick access file divider with two pouch pockets and a zipped pocket in the front. There’s a whole host of room for other items you might fancy packing and on the outside, too, you’ll find a zipped pocket for the small, quick access items. Other wow-worthy factors this bag presents include a zipped pocket that has two pen holders, two expandable pouches and a key clip, as well as plenty of storage for other travel essentials. Taking along some reading material? No problem! There’s a savvy magazine and newspaper slot on the front so you can read to your heart’s content and then slip it back into the slot post-use. 

Harking back to travel, perhaps one of the biggest USP’s for me is the lumber pad on the back which aids you when carrying a fully loaded bag and it can double up as a trolley handle pass-through. The ‘technology compartment’ has been designed by Everki to help the frequent flyers among us. It is immediately accessible and perfect if you are rushing to catch a flight; it opens the bag up 180 degrees to lay flat, revealing your devices when passing through the scanner and enabling you to breeze through security without having to empty your bag. 

What’s more, if you’re jet-setting for business purposes as I often do, then you may be carrying around electrical goods which hold a high-value. Thought fear not, as Everki have patented a corner guard protection system. This covers the two bottom corners and the base of the bag so that if the bag gets dropped, knocked or set down aggressively then it absorbs any impact which, in turn, stops your laptop or tablet getting smashed or damaged – bonus!

You might, at this point, be thinking: Is there anything this bag can’t do? And, quite frankly, the answer is no. One of my favourite features of the bag is the high contrast orange lining. As Everki themselves state: “We know how frustrating it is to mistakenly leave a compartment unzipped, and how difficult it is to organize against a black background.” This is something I totally agree with, and I think the nice bright lining really helps to make items stand out when inside the bag and means they are quick and easy to find. Personally, I find there is nothing worse than rummaging around desperately trying to find an item in your bag!

I was super impressed with this item. Everki really does ensure that every little thing has its own secure place. Equipped with these bags, even the most disorganised person will find themselves travelling with ease and, most importantly, feeling a lot more relaxed.