Harbour UK

Harbour UK

I was really eager to receive my bracelet from Harbour UK. They pride themselves on their handmade, vegan and eco friendly jewellery so I was very intrigued to see how they looked. They have invested lots of time, money and effort into their non plastic packaging, something that I am keen to promote and support.

Pablo, the founder, was born in Argentina and relocated to London, his inspiration for his jewellery comes from Asian knot tying techniques and his South American background.

I was sent 3 bracelets, the Viking hammered silver, Little Bjorn in green, the bronze bracelet and the hammered silver bracelet, Kattegat. The first thing I will say is that the bracelets are extremely well made and the quality is instantly noticeable when you open the bag.

They feel strong and durable which is ideal for something that is for everyday wear. I feel that although their style is simple they make a statement when on your wrist. I paired the kattegat and the green little bjorn, the colours look great together with both having the hammered silver beads. I will definitely be ordering some more of these bracelets to add to my collection. Check out more images on their instagram page.