Jack Black UK

Jack Black UK

Jack Black is currently the number one best selling male grooming brand. This is due to its great products, first class customer service and doing exactly what it says on the tin!

I was sent a huge selection of products to try all of which I loved. The blue packaging is very classy looking yet funky and fresh. Each product has a very unique purpose they are very cleverly named.

I really loved the all over cleanser for hair and body – Turbo Wash! Anything that speeds up the showering process is a winner from me! It had a great fresh aroma and really left my skin feeling fab.

The Turbo Body Scrub with arnica and Eucalyptus smelt so great and really left my skin feeling like it had been polished!

Moving onto the face, The face buff energising scrub was exactly what I hoped it would be, the vitamin C and Peppermint smelt amazing and left my skin tingling nicely! The scrub was tough enough to feel I had done a face scrub without the feeling that I’d lost a layer of my face (trust me, I’ve been left feeling like this before!) Topping it all off with double duty face moisturizer which was light, fresh but left my skin feeling really moisturizer and not greasy.

I can’t wait for my next Jack Black parcel to arrive!