Man Polish

Man Polish

Man Polish is a British brand made in Manchester and created by Renforth and Goddard who had a desire to produce products that no man is ashamed to use and have on the side in his bathroom. Their aim? To make male grooming more accessible and acceptable.

I simply couldn’t wait to receive my parcel from Man Polish. When I opened it I was pleased to find the everyday all in one face moisturiser and the everyday gradual tanning face moisturiser, both in chic and sophisticated packaging.

The everyday all in one face moisturiser is very smooth and it glided onto my skin. It was easily absorbed and didn’t leave a greasy residue – which is one of my pet hates from other products I have used. My skin can sometimes be a little sensitive to new products but this cream didn’t affect me at all and, in fact, my skin felt glowing.

I don’t normally use any sort of tanning or tinted products but when Man Polish sent me the everyday gradual tanning face moisturiser I had to give it a go. I was a bit nervous – would I start looking orange? So I used it sparingly yet quickly realised that it is very subtle and natural looking. Man Polish describe it as “Slight enough to avoid detection, but present enough to make the difference” and I totally agree. Much like the everyday all in one moisturiser it gave my skin a nice glow and also great coverage over any blemishes. This sensational stuff does exactly what it claims on the tub. Whatever the event, I now cannot leave the house without applying this tanning face moisturiser.

When I looked at the rich natural ingredients in the Man Polish products, I was not surprised that my skin felt so good; Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Aloe Vera and vitamins B5, B6 C & E to name a few. They are vegan friendly and cruelty free, two things that I very much like to promote. I was extremely impressed with these products and would highly recommend them. Any guys out there that are looking to start a grooming regime or looking to change their existing one, you must give Man Polish a try.