I have always loved redken as a brand, they were one of the first brands to introduce a professional haircare range for men back in 1967. They have recently introduced Redken Brews – a revolutionary new haircare range for the modern man. A full range of beer inspired, malt infused products.

They sent me a selection to try and I can’t shout about it enough, I have to admit I am still working my way through them all.

I received 3 shampoos, an invigorating mint shampoo, an anti dandruff shampoo and a 3 in 1 shampoo conditioner and body wash.

I started off with the mint shampoo, the masculine menthol smell filled the whole bathroom with loveliness, it really did make me feel fresh, lively ready to face the day!

The 3 in 1 shampoo I have to say I was a huge fan of – what man doesn’t like to make the showering process as easy as possible with as little lotions and potions to open in the shower. Genius to incorporate all 3 products into 1 great fresh smelling bottle of greatness!

The pomades I was spoiled for choice with, there is one for everyone whatever hair type you are and whatever look you are trying to achieve.
The wax pomade was perfect for a night time look, I would use this on a night out when I like to look and feel on point and be sure my hair isn’t going to let me down.
The texture pomade and cream pomade I loved and would be my day time go to. The cream pomade I especially enjoyed using as it has a really fruity vibrant smell that I love in a hair product.

I have yet to use the Hair gel and Molding paste but I am sure they will be equally amazing!

My personal favourite has to be the aftershave balm which smells out of this world, I have never had so many compliments! The soothing balm contains aloe vera so it was perfect for my sensitive skin that i must admit is prone to going a bit red after a close shave, there wasn’t any redness, just a soft moisturised feel and as I say a great smell!