Roja Parfums

Roja Parfums

Roja Parfums fragrances are created by the British perfumer Roja Dove, who is renowned for working with the finest materials, including silk-lined boxes and Swarovski encrusted 24-carat gold coated caps.

Roja Dove has collaborated with some prestigious international brands, such as Rolls Royce, Laurent-Perrier, The Four Seasons and Faberge, and every scent is made in England.

I was sent the Vetiver pour homme parfum cologne and could not wait to receive my parcel and smell one of Roja Dove’s famous fragrances. This is a stunning cologne and I can see why Roja Dove has been referred to as ‘a master tailor of scent’ by The New York Times (as quoted on his website). 

The cologne really manages to wrap manly up in a bottle. There is a warm tone to it, while also making you feel fresh and ready for the day. A 100ml bottle of this parfum will last almost a lifetime. You only need a squirt or two and it will stay on, and still smell amazing all day and all night. So, if you want to treat yourself or a special man in your life, buying a Roja fragrance is the best way to do it.