Cody & Co

Cody & Co

Cody & Co is a British company based in Sheffield and all of their shoes are hand-made in the UK. Knowing this brand and the quality of their products, I could not wait to receive my parcel. 

I was sent a pair of The Brunswick Derby, a pair of The Handley Chelsea boot and a pair of Ellesmere Tassel Loafers, all in gorgeous rustique brown premium suede. As soon as you open the box, you can see the quality, the craftsmanship is top-notch, as every little detail is done to perfection. 

All of them have leather soles, are made from soft suede and have a rubber heel insert. This combination makes them unbelievably comfortable. I love the fact that the iconic logo is printed inside the shoe, on the leather lining, on the sole and on the pull loops. This means everyone will know you are wearing shoes of the highest quality. 

As Cody & Co are online, the company believes this means it can invest more into the materials and design. I agree and I think this attention to detail makes them stand out from a lot of their competitors. If you are seeking a shoe that feels good, looks good and is good for your bank balance, then look no further than Cody & Co.