Having used some Man Cave products before, I was keen to try out some more as they are just so good. It is not just their smell that is amazing, they are vegan-friendly, free from any chemical nasties and their packaging is 100% recyclable.

I was sent the Original Moisturiser, Age Defence Face Serum and Willowbark Face Wash and was impressed by them all. The Willowbark face wash is fantastic. It really cleansed my skin, deep into the pores, making it feel refreshed, revitalised and bright. The blend of ingredients is cleverly designed to protect your skin and leave it hydrated. It certainly did the job for me.

I have not used a face serum before so I was really intrigued to use this one. I’m glad to say, it did exactly what it says on the tin, so my skin looked less tired and more restored. I will definitely be incorporating this into my morning skincare routine from now on.

I have tried a lot of different moisturisers in the past and found they are all quite similar. This one, however, does stand out for me. The mix of borage oil and shea butter gives it a creamy, silky texture that was easily absorbed into my skin and left no residue. This may just be my new moisturiser from now on.

I really love Man Cave products and would highly recommend them. They are not only quality products, but also very affordable.