Gentlemen Tonic Barbers

Gentlemen Tonic Barbers

Gentlemen Tonic is an international and award winning luxury spa, grooming and hair concept. I had the honour of going to the place where it was founded, in 2004, right in the heart of Mayfair. In their own words Gentlemen Tonic describe their treatments and the experience that they provide as both private and personal while combining traditional services with modern techniques. Something I felt was apparent as soon as I walked in. Their products are award-winning and are the most scientifically advanced in anti-ageing and are used in many of the world’s most recognised and luxurious five-star and boutique hotels and spas. All of the products are developed and formulated solely with men’s skin in mind.
After reading all about Gentlemen Tonic I couldn’t wait to receive some of their products and get to the barbers for my treatments. I was sent a wide selection of product;; brightening serum, hydro fresh cream cleanser, daily moisturiser, exfoliating facial scrub and revitalise eye cream.

The Hydro fresh cream cleanser was a great start to these products, I felt it cleaned my skin very well, removing impurities but without drying it out. It has a mix of amino acids and essential oil extracts which is a good combination and gives skin just what it needs.

The Exfoliating facial scrub has bamboo particles in it and it definitely gave the deepest of cleans and left my skin with a smooth finish. This is advised to be used three times a week to keep up that clear, glowing appearance. This is probably one of the best exfoliating scrubs that I have used as I felt that it really got deep into my pores and cleared them out.

The Brightening serum is where the facial really got started with a small amount of this product being gently massaged into my skin all over my face, heaven! This product is part of Gentlemen Tonic’s derma-care collection, it uses natural, active ingredients that combine peptides, amino acids, bio-available nutrients and intelligent proteins to create a formula that is best friend to men’s skin. My skin looked brighter and my complexion looked improved, this product with its rapid vitamin C and Hidroviton+ claims to reduce the early signs of premature ageing so I best order a few more bottles!

The Daily moisturiser followed the brightening serum and, again, was gently massaged into my face and neck. It was fast absorbing which for me is something I always look for in a good moisturiser as there is nothing worse than that greasy feeling whilst waiting for a cream to absorb. This product contains one of my favourite ingredients that I feel is essential in any moisturiser and that is cocoa butter, I feel my skin really loves it and it does wonders not only that but its properties are known to help protect your skin too. The essential oils that are part of the formula work as an antiseptic and have healing agents. It is gentle enough to be used any time of day and is suitable for all skin types, perfect for anyone working outside who’s skin is exposed to the element.

The Revitalise eye cream finished off the facial and was gently massaged into the skin under my eyes. This product is also part of Gentlemen Tonic’s derma-care collection and again uses natural, active ingredients that combine peptides, amino acids, bio-available nutrients and intelligent proteins. I don’t normally use these types of products in my grooming routine so I was intrigued to see what effect they had. The staff advised me that this product helps fight against the presence of dark circles and puffiness by stimulating circulation around the eyes and that it also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. It certainly did all of that, I could see the difference straight away, it definitely made my eye area look brighter and more refreshed, all signs of tiredness where gonell! The Pro-Coll-One+ and Vitamin B3 extract are the anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory ingredients that also help with the elasticity and smoothing of the fine lines and wrinkles. This product is now permanently added to my daily grooming routine, no more puffy eyes for me.

I took all of these products along to my treatments where the professionals worked their magic on me.
I had a facial, hair cut, beard trim and back massage. I couldn’t have felt more fresh, relaxed and glowing if I had tried. Overall a 5 star experience, with 5 star treatments using 5 star products, my visit left me de-stressed and ready to take on the rest of the day. With Gentlemen Tonic products firmly in my hand I cannot wait to continue using them and look forward to looking rejuvenated.

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