London Brogues

London Brogues

London Brogues was founded in 2014 and is headed by Derek Moore. Derek has over 30 years of experience in the footwear industry and is passionate about producing high-quality affordable footwear. 

I was sent a pair of Gatsby boots in tan and navy, which came nicely packaged in a box lined with the London Brogues logo and their own individual bags. They are made from a combination of leather and suede with a resin sole. 

I love the style of the brogues and now that we are entering the wet winter season, boots like these are a must-have for all of us, so these are a perfect mix of the two. The navy suede section complements the tan leather and they can be worn for both smart and casual occasions or as an everyday boot. 

I love the side zip, which means there’s no need to keep redoing the laces. This is a very affordable pair of good quality boots that are very versatile. Check out their website for a wide variety of shoes and boots.