The Personal Barber – Shaving Kit

The Personal Barber – Shaving Kit

I couldn’t wait to open my parcel from The Personal Barber. This was my first box so they included all of the essentials needed for a wet shave. These items were in their July/August subscription box.

So where do I start! My first thoughts were that this brand looks very premium. The safety razor and brush looked and felt like top quality. The set came with 2 helpful leaflets one of which explained what was in the box and how to look after your kit and the other most importantly, tells you how to load the blade into the razor safely with a guide for the perfect shave.

I followed the guide starting with the Baume pre-shave gel, it smelt amazing and went onto my skin/beard very nicely. Next the Mondial Mandarin and Spice Shaving Cream, or as The Personal Barber likes to call it, a ‘Croap’ because the consistency is between cream and soap. I have to say, I love the new word invention! The smell of the Shaving Cream was divine, it reminded me of Christmas. As per the guide, I only used an almond sized amount which created more than enough lather for a full shave. Now for the actual shave, the razor was the perfect weight, easy to hold and glided smoothly over my face. An alum block was also in the kit which I have never used before, but after giving it a go, I would highly recommend giving it a try. I found it really helped to stop the bleeding of any little nicks or cuts, some of which I didn’t even notice I had until I ran the alum block over my face. A little fact that I found on The Personal Barber’s website that I never knew, was that Alum is a natural stone that has been in use for thousands of years for its healing properties.

Not only did these products leave my face feeling refreshed, nourished and smooth but The Perfect Barber really did deliver the perfect experience. From the great products, helpful tips & hints and their amazing website with so much information and advice on the world of wet shaving. With all of this I will be a pro in no time and I will be sure to never use another plastic razor again.