Uppercut Deluxe

Uppercut Deluxe

Uppercut Deluxe is an Australian brand that was built by two friends with a ‘love for barbering, surf and skate’. They wanted to create a brand that men would be happy to use and shout about, and could use every day with pride. With this in mind, they worked hard to produce high-quality products using the finest ingredients.

I was sent a lovely variety of items, including Matte Pomade, Styling powder, everyday shampoo, an enamel mug, a comb and a set of stickers, all contained in a lovely army green washbag.  

The matte pomade is a great product. It gave my hair a good hold while still allowing it to have some movement. Even better, there was no shine at all, which is just how I like it. It really lasted and kept my hair in place all day and all night. Not only is this product great at doing its job but it also smells delicious; so good that you could almost scoop it out and eat it. 

When it came to washing the product out, a normal shampoo washed it completely out of my hair with no problem. The styling powder is a great alternative to the actual product you put in your hair, as it gives both volume and hold, whilst keeping your hairstyle looking super natural. It has a natural shine to it and is great for that messy textured style. I will definitely be using this product more often. 

Infused with menthol and liquorice, the everyday shampoo smells incredible and very manly. It really makes your hair and scalp feel fresh and revitalised. I used it to wash out the matte pomade and it worked a treat. The enamel mug is a nice little accessory which can be used either for your morning wake-up cup of coffee or as a shaving cup. 

The washbag is very cool with its army green canvas exterior. It seems hard wearing and the interior is lined with Uppercut Deluxe branded splash-proof material. It looks plain but definitely packs a punch with the large iconic Uppercut Deluxe logo stitched on the front in the bottom right-hand corner.

These are some great products which I would definitely recommend to any friends who are looking to change their hair styling and grooming products.